Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Vijayawada

Are you searching for the best laser centers in Vijayawada? Your search ends with VLCC Wellness Center. We provide customized laser hair removal packages, that suit your hair removal goals. Our Hair Removal Treatments are fast, painless, and give long-lasting results. Get the Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Vijayawada. VLCC Vijayawada is the no.1 laser hair removal clinic in the town. We provide a state-of-the-art Laser Hair Removal Treatment for permanent hair removal for both men and women. However, we offer Laser Hair Treatment for all types of skin safely and effectively. Also, you can book an appointment to know the cost of the Laser Treatment and the complete process. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Vijayawada Cost 

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment. And a  suitable way to remove unwanted hair permanently. The laser is the easiest and quickest way to bid goodbye to unwanted hair completely. Now pick and choose the area where you want Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Based on the number of sessions, the coarseness of the hair, the Laser Hair Removal Cost varies. 

Permanent Underarm Hair Removal Treatment

Other than spending the money on hair removal treatments, waxing is a painful exercise. One can feel the hot wax burn the hair follicle and leave a post-burn sensation after waxing. Hair removal is a necessary evil but necessarily doesn’t have to be painful or evil at all. If you are skeptical or even apprehensive about the process, try our underarm laser hair removal treatment with VLCC Advanced Appliances.  Also, check out Weight Loss Treatment, and Skin Whitening Treatment from VLCC Vijayawada. 

VLCC Laser Hair Removal Service in Vijayawada

Laser Hair Treatment is the most efficient method to remove unwanted hair and leaves a smooth skin. VLCC provides the best Laser Hair Removal Service in Vijayawada. You are just one step away from getting the smooth and silky skin of your dreams. Book an Appointment now and choose the best Hair Removal Treatment Package.

Make an Appointment for Skin Care & Hair Treatment. Also, for more information follow our Facebook page VLCC Vijayawada.

Laser is a hair reduction treatment and not a hair removal procedure. It works on the hair follicles, reducing their fertility and capacity to re-grow. In 5-6 sessions, it drastically reduces hair growth, thus resulting is permanently smooth, soft skin.
Our laser technology is FDA Approved and a totally safe procedure.
The patented ChillTip technology is designed to protect the outer layer of the skin by decreasing the surface temperature, thus making the procedure highly comfortable. Besides this, the ChillTip technology has a slight anesthetic effect which enhances the comfort level.
Laser hair reduction is a process that needs due care both on the part of the technician as well as on the part of the patient. The following care check-list is highly recommended:- Avoid sun exposure for at least 4-6 weeks prior and post the procedure Do not pluck/ wax hair while under-going laser hair reduction (Even pre/post the session) Apply post care ointments as advised by the expert In case you have extremely dense/ fast re-growth, a maintenance touch up session is advisable every 6-12 months.
It is highly advisable to shave before getting a laser Hair Reduction session done. This ensures that there is no hair above the skin which the laser machine will pick. Laser machine tends to target the hair above/ below the skin. Shaving ensures there is no hair above the skin that the laser machine will target, hence preventing potential burns. It is highly advisable not to shave at home, instead let the technician shave just before doing the laser session. Do not Wax during the course of the procedure even pre-post the sessions.

They have followed all saftey precautions. The services are extremely good and worth to take services.

Bhavanam subba reddy

very very asm staff with gentle and caring behaviour.....good packages,....vlcc stands first for me...its worth it

Hamsa Lekha

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